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‘Shareable glovo’: Add a feature, improve UX

App Redesign — UX|UI project

Dinner with friends where you can’t agree on what kind of food to order? Create a ‘Shareable Glovo’: each one chooses their food, makes their own payment. You place a single order and a glover will deliver everything at once.


Individual role


1 week


Design Thinking


Research, user flows, information architecture, sketching, wireframing, UI & visual design, prototyping, testing

Scope & high level goals

Redesign the Glovo app experience for groups adding a feature to order a different food in the same order. 

Sooo… what’s Glovo?

Got it. Let’s go deeper!

I tried to understand how people organize dinners in a group, so I interviewed five women and one man between 25–35 similar to Glovo’s main profile. Analyzing what they told me, I got two principal Insights:

3/6 prefers to order the food they want, regardless of whether someone doesn’t want it.
5/8 prefers to settle accounts at the moment.

Let me introduce you Anna:

The main question is

How might we make feel satisfied with all the components of a group that decide to order food by Glovo with the order and the payment without the process being too complicated?

Happy path vs. alternative paths

It’s time to start thinking about design possibilities for the feature. In order to design the ideal share experience, I need to take into account 2 use cases and flows:

Once I had decided that for this time I will just develop the Main user flow (the shared-order admin user flow), I draw it on paper to present it to potential users and test it:

The new feature

What’s next?

As the feature is a new concept, users probably will need a short explanation of how it works. Next steps could be to design these screens and also the screens users invited to the group ‘Shareable Glovo’ will see. A future business idea is to expand the orders in a group not only for meals but for every service Glovo offers.

Conclusion & learnings

Thanks for reading! 🤟🏼 If you want to know more in detail about my work, contact me via email or connect me on LinkedIn

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